a thousand years

Im wearing:

billabong bustier from meltz - R35
Pleated skirt - W at Woolworths (actually got this skirt at full RP, broke my heart when I saw it going R150 at the sale :(
print wedge - LEGIT


#BadAss #DIY

I put this outfit on the first time and it just didnt do it for me. So I took the leggings off, grabbed a razor and cut away.

Felt so bad ass leaving the house I decided to get a bad ass hairstyle when I got to Lajawi, haha!



Cream Cartel #nowistyle1

My long awaited package from nowistyle arrived last week *insertexcitedface. Expect more outfit pics featuring nowistyle items.

Click on the nowistyle tab on the right or follow this link

Happy shopping!

I'm wearing:

Sheer shirt - GUESS
Neck piece - Sass Diva
High waisted skirt - nowistyle
Shoes - Plum


Duncan Yard

The intial P.O.A for this saturday was to go for breakfast and spend the rest of the day at the library as we both have exams coming up. Well lets just say the day did not go as planned.

Firstly, we were both late for breakfast, so ended up making it lunch and instead of going to the library we pretty much chilled at Duncan Yard the whole day... tltltltltl (Which is my new favorite spot in Pretoria)

Some pics... Hope you like :)

Just a tip: tilt your head to the right ;)

Thats my BFF :)
(Side note: She's not always on her phone, just thought it would be a cool pic)

(Definately coming here for my next blog pics)