POPBottlesSA: Helderfontein (4March)

I have a new found love for all events that take place while the sun is still up. These type of events rarely happen in Gauteng. So when they do come around I try by all means to be there.

What else but Pop Bottles will have a sista stuck in traffic for 45 minutes just to get into the venue. Geesh! Of all the Pop Bottles I have been to (and I have been to quite a few) never have I seen so many people attend and 90% of them dressed according to the theme - colour blocking.


 The oh so pretty miss pearly @Pearly_G

 Hands up for my victory lap… hands up for my victory lap
(Toast to the winners)
Hands up for my victory lap… hands up for my victory lap
(if you know you a winner)

Next time Pop Bottles is in your town, please do yourself a favour and purchase pre-sold tickets to avoid disappointment.


Van der Tlale at Legit

Award winning and South African based designer, David Tlale has collaborated with LEGIT.

The Collection which is said to be fun, sexy and affordable was showcased at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week recently.

South African designer collections have proven to be rather expensive and not so accessible for the common consumer. The luxury of owning South African designer items has been reserved for celebrities, models, and other big names in the fashion industry.

I am particularly impressed with Legit for making this collaboration happen, therefore giving us the opportunity to support our local designers. Hopefully more designers will be brought to the table to form part of collaborations such as this one.

Looking forward to the launch of this collection which will be on 23 April 2012 at all Legit stores country wide.


Pictures: via ifashion


Forever All Star***

I'm proud to announce that I found my converse. I have been searching for it everywhere, and I finally found it in the mkhukhu (in the backyard) where my mom keeps storage of everything "useless until we need it". 

My uncle got me this pair when I was 15, I will not calculate how long ago that was... just know its a very long time. :p

With them I am wearing a floral bustier from Meltz and denim high waist shorts from Jay Jays.



Velvet dress: YDE (was longer but I took it in for alterations)
Peep toe wedge: LEGIT