When it rains it pours

 Bag from Aldo, was a gift from a friend **
These earrings were my grans. Had to fight my cousin for the jewellery box, buoy was it a battle and a half. Best woman won!

Lauren, Khanya and I decided to take a lil trip to Kenton just to get out of Grahamstown for the weekend. On the day we were intending to go to the beach, we woke up and the weather was just not on our side. So ofcourse the alternate would be to put together outfits and take pics :)



**21 Light Years**

This past Saturday I attended my lovely friends 21st at the Highlander, Grahamstown. The theme was **21 Light Years** and the dress code - semi formal and STRICTLY pastel/muted colours, no denim and no black.

These requirements had most of us working over time trying to figure out what to wear, hence this discussion that took place at The Kaif, Rhodes University.

Come the 15th of October, everyone was dressed accordingly and ready to have a jam with B on her special day.

 The birthday girl in a beautiful coral, maxi dress
 Cham Cham for days
 Lauren and Mpumi
 Mpumi, Me and Gugu
 Makgosi and Nomzamo
Cutest pic!

Photos by: Lauren Daisy Flynn

Thank you B for a wonderful weekend, twas too lovely!


Black is the new black

About this outfit

I wore this to campus the other day but with flats ofcourse (imagine I went to campus in heels) newho, I really liked how I put it together so I called up Lauren to take pics for the blog.

Most people thought its a jumpsuit, its not. I took the straps of the top and tucked them in on the sides and I just placed the pants high enough to make it look like its a one piece.

I LUURRRVVV these shoes, they are slowly becoming my staple pair of shoes, within a week of having them I had worn them like 4times, so yes they do look like I have had them for months. I got them from Rage for R280, normal price not sale price.

And ofcourse the head scarf, went for the turban look with this one. I'll soon post a tutorial on how to wear a head scarf in three different ways.

Please hype this look, follow this link Black is the new black


How Lunga made it work

Lunga emailed me pictures of how she managed to make the dress to midriff top work. She was so excited she kept bbming me to say she tried it with other dresses.

Lunga's dress does not have an elastic waste band. She used a belt and tucked it all in.
Here she is wearing her midriff top with skinnies. She looks sexy and fun and ready for a night out.

Here she is wearing the top with shorts, for a casual more chilled look.

Looking to add more before and after pics to this post, please feel free to email me pics.



How to turn a dress into a midriff top

Finally the sun comes out, yay for us! Now we can bring out those summer dresses, hats, shorts, shades and everything else that's been packed away for the longest time now.

I like to experiment with my clothes, most times I like to cut things up but with this dress I decided not to cut it because I like it as a dress but I can make it work as a crop top (a friend of mine, andreenah likes to comment on my midriff everytime I'm wearing a crop so from now on we call it a midriff top :)

Below is a little tutorial on how to go from a dress to a midriff top. This dress has an elastic at the waist so it is much easier to tuck in everything from the bottom. But if your dress does not have an elastic, you can use a belt but then only tuck in enough so that you have a poof underneath the belt.

Dress from MR PRICE

If you do try this and it works (which it will), please email me pictures of the before and after to moshmph@gmail.com and I'll post them up.


cuppa tea

This little item I got from JAM! Its a factory store I just happened to spot behind Centurion Mall.

To find a JAM store closest to you follow this link
JAM store locator

Now, how much it cost? R45! Nothing more, nothing less.

Turtle Creek

The outfit:

The vest I think I got at Meltz for R20
The belt I got at Mr Price for maybe R59.99 (I got it donkey years ago, can't remember the exact price)
The maxi skirt is actually a maxi dress I got at Identity for R189

Its really simple to make a maxi skirt out of a maxi dress. This dress is strapless so I just wore the vest on top of it. If you have a dress with straps you can fold it in. For more tips on how to get this right, follow this link to khanya's blog.

and also...
Please HYPE this look. the link: lookbook: turtle creek

**Happy First Monday of October**