How to turn a dress into a midriff top

Finally the sun comes out, yay for us! Now we can bring out those summer dresses, hats, shorts, shades and everything else that's been packed away for the longest time now.

I like to experiment with my clothes, most times I like to cut things up but with this dress I decided not to cut it because I like it as a dress but I can make it work as a crop top (a friend of mine, andreenah likes to comment on my midriff everytime I'm wearing a crop so from now on we call it a midriff top :)

Below is a little tutorial on how to go from a dress to a midriff top. This dress has an elastic at the waist so it is much easier to tuck in everything from the bottom. But if your dress does not have an elastic, you can use a belt but then only tuck in enough so that you have a poof underneath the belt.

Dress from MR PRICE

If you do try this and it works (which it will), please email me pictures of the before and after to moshmph@gmail.com and I'll post them up.

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