Black is the new black

About this outfit

I wore this to campus the other day but with flats ofcourse (imagine I went to campus in heels) newho, I really liked how I put it together so I called up Lauren to take pics for the blog.

Most people thought its a jumpsuit, its not. I took the straps of the top and tucked them in on the sides and I just placed the pants high enough to make it look like its a one piece.

I LUURRRVVV these shoes, they are slowly becoming my staple pair of shoes, within a week of having them I had worn them like 4times, so yes they do look like I have had them for months. I got them from Rage for R280, normal price not sale price.

And ofcourse the head scarf, went for the turban look with this one. I'll soon post a tutorial on how to wear a head scarf in three different ways.

Please hype this look, follow this link Black is the new black


  1. Love the head scarf!where'd you get it from?

  2. thanx squeeze :)

    I got the scarf from mr price last year hey and how do I follow your blog lady?

  3. you look amazing, and I thought it was a jumpsuit too!
    the bag is perfection <3

  4. @khanya thanx my friend :)

    @fatale thank you so much! :D I love your blog! <3

  5. gorgeous!

    where are the sunnies from? i want some - they're lovely!


  6. @jojo thank you :), I got them at spitfire