Goodbye 2011

2011 has been quite the learning experience for me, some lessons better than others. 

I've learnt:

  1. To cherish friendships. 
  2. Be more open minded.
  3. What you give in, is what you will get out.
  4. Don't set your expectations of others to high, but your own even higher.
  6. Be FREE.




Lajawi Beaute Cafe

My apologies for taking so long to make my next post, been having trouble connecting my usb modem. Now that, that is out of the way.

I would like to introduce you to my amazing hair artist/stylist, Jawad Maphoto known as Jawi around the streets of Pretoria.

 Just a sneak peak of what Jawi is capable of

 Jawad hosted a Hair Show in September, the first ever in Pretoria. A rather successful event with sponsors such as Estee Lauder along side the Vuzu Team.  I was lucky enough to be selected as one of the models. This will now be an annual event, so please consider this an invitation to the next one. You will not be disappointed.
 Models on stage applauding Mr Magic hands himself

 Mr Magic hands at work
Thats me backstage :) Make up done by Estee Lauder

Jawad will also be doing Joan Ramagoshi's (Former Miss South Africa and now Judge on the panel of Miss South Africa) at the upcoming pageant this weekend. His doing big things. Look out for his name at Fashion weeks and other events.

La Jawi Beaute Cafe
Cnr 21st and Charles Str
Menlo Park, Pretoria
012 346 6280 / 076 317 4063
Facebook group


The Three Bloggerteers

This is a story about three young ladies who embarked on a journey to become blogger's.
From Road trips to Port Alfred and Kenton, to the Monument in Grahamstown, to putting together last minute outfits, to changing in cars (public indecency), to getting stopped by the police who were surprised to see "pretty ladies" randomly taking pics on a bridge... all of this, in the name of blogging.

Next year, Khanya and I will continue our journey together and Lauren will continue hers.  Although we will be seperated we will continue to share our experiences in fashion, lifestyle, hair and beauty and the likes through our blogs.

On this day we made a trip to Port Alfred to take pics for Lauren and Khanya's blog. The-bargainprincess was non-existant at the time. The pictures were beyond my expectations, Lauren is an amazing photographer and Khanya and I can get carried away with the outfit changes... well, more me than Khanya. After seeing the pictures, I finally decided to start my blog.

And thats how it all started...

I'm wearing a sheer blouse from Forever New, a skirt from my dear friends closet Andrinah, courts from Truworths and the bag is thrifted from a little store in Mokopane (30k's outside of Polokwane).

Khanya is wearing DIY shorts, a figure belt from her grans closet, shoes from Mr Price, gold sequined bag from Aldo and cat eye shades from Spitfire.

Lauren is wearing a jumpsuit made from different scarfs and shoes from Aldo.


How to make a crop top with cut up back

You need:
A t-shirt/vest
Scissors or preferably a fabric cutter
And lots of time

If you feel you need to please use a pencil and draw on the points where you will be cutting to shape the crop top. Take all the time you need, there's nothing worse then ruining a good shirt therefore rather use a shirt that you are not so fond of anymore.

**HaPpY CrOp tOp mAkIng**


BGN_Best_Buys: 15Nov2011

  JET - R49,99 (Sale item, was R79,99)

 Colours Xtreme from Foschini R16,95

from Mr Price - R69,99

The white shirt I got from Mr Price for R79,99 and the earrings from a stall outside Jet on High Street for R10


"RU Shores"

Date: 28 October 2011
Time: 8pm till late
Venue: The Mansion on St Aidens
Occasion: Pre-chill session/NITEGROOVES

This was officially my last night out as a Rhodent, and also our last night out together as girls. We planned something a lil different that we had never done before... COCKTAILS! Khanya is the master mind behind the mojito's and strawberry daiquiri's, I'm the one who hooked them up! And buoy, were they delicious.

Please mind my friends, they can be LOCO at times. Hope you enjoy this clip. This is a great addition to my RU Memory Collection!

How to make MOJITO
You need:
Soda water
1/2 a cup of lime
3 tbl spoons of sugar

You need:
Strawberry/Berry flavoured juice
1/2 a cup of lime

Throw it all in the Blender and you're good to go! Oh... and the other "v" stuff is optional! 

**huggies and kissies


When it rains it pours

 Bag from Aldo, was a gift from a friend **
These earrings were my grans. Had to fight my cousin for the jewellery box, buoy was it a battle and a half. Best woman won!

Lauren, Khanya and I decided to take a lil trip to Kenton just to get out of Grahamstown for the weekend. On the day we were intending to go to the beach, we woke up and the weather was just not on our side. So ofcourse the alternate would be to put together outfits and take pics :)



**21 Light Years**

This past Saturday I attended my lovely friends 21st at the Highlander, Grahamstown. The theme was **21 Light Years** and the dress code - semi formal and STRICTLY pastel/muted colours, no denim and no black.

These requirements had most of us working over time trying to figure out what to wear, hence this discussion that took place at The Kaif, Rhodes University.

Come the 15th of October, everyone was dressed accordingly and ready to have a jam with B on her special day.

 The birthday girl in a beautiful coral, maxi dress
 Cham Cham for days
 Lauren and Mpumi
 Mpumi, Me and Gugu
 Makgosi and Nomzamo
Cutest pic!

Photos by: Lauren Daisy Flynn

Thank you B for a wonderful weekend, twas too lovely!


Black is the new black

About this outfit

I wore this to campus the other day but with flats ofcourse (imagine I went to campus in heels) newho, I really liked how I put it together so I called up Lauren to take pics for the blog.

Most people thought its a jumpsuit, its not. I took the straps of the top and tucked them in on the sides and I just placed the pants high enough to make it look like its a one piece.

I LUURRRVVV these shoes, they are slowly becoming my staple pair of shoes, within a week of having them I had worn them like 4times, so yes they do look like I have had them for months. I got them from Rage for R280, normal price not sale price.

And ofcourse the head scarf, went for the turban look with this one. I'll soon post a tutorial on how to wear a head scarf in three different ways.

Please hype this look, follow this link Black is the new black