The Three Bloggerteers

This is a story about three young ladies who embarked on a journey to become blogger's.
From Road trips to Port Alfred and Kenton, to the Monument in Grahamstown, to putting together last minute outfits, to changing in cars (public indecency), to getting stopped by the police who were surprised to see "pretty ladies" randomly taking pics on a bridge... all of this, in the name of blogging.

Next year, Khanya and I will continue our journey together and Lauren will continue hers.  Although we will be seperated we will continue to share our experiences in fashion, lifestyle, hair and beauty and the likes through our blogs.

On this day we made a trip to Port Alfred to take pics for Lauren and Khanya's blog. The-bargainprincess was non-existant at the time. The pictures were beyond my expectations, Lauren is an amazing photographer and Khanya and I can get carried away with the outfit changes... well, more me than Khanya. After seeing the pictures, I finally decided to start my blog.

And thats how it all started...

I'm wearing a sheer blouse from Forever New, a skirt from my dear friends closet Andrinah, courts from Truworths and the bag is thrifted from a little store in Mokopane (30k's outside of Polokwane).

Khanya is wearing DIY shorts, a figure belt from her grans closet, shoes from Mr Price, gold sequined bag from Aldo and cat eye shades from Spitfire.

Lauren is wearing a jumpsuit made from different scarfs and shoes from Aldo.

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