Style Diary VLOG ~ Boho chic

So... I made another visit to Arts on Main this past Sunday (I should actually just find accomodation and reside in Maboneng, thats how much I love it) But this time to assist my friends on a school project.

newho... I'm gonna be famous! (Please note the full clip will be aired to a class of say 20 students) Back to me being famous... I spoke on fashion trends and how the modern day fashionista draws inspiration from times like the 60's when style was interpreted in a manner that was bold and fearless, the introduction of prints, neon colours and mismatched patterns and so on...

I bet you they get an A for this assignment, hehe :)

Oh yes... expect more style vlogs. Had so much fun on iMovie, think I made like 10 versions of this style vlog.