The amazing STYLISTA team were kind enough to send me an invite to attend the opening/launch of STR.CRD on 27th September. The first of its kind to hit Johannesburg. It is considered AFRICA's no. 1 urban street culture event, 

Establishing an authentic platform on the African continent which is a true reflection of urban youth culture

What I really appreciate about this event is the platform it provides for independent brands and designers as well as us the bloggers, the media, the shoppers, the street style lovers... basically everyone! If you see the beauty in creativity and you are open to freedom of interpretation in style then STR.CRD is definately up your lane.

On this very friday morning, I picked up my parcel from NOWISTYLE. I fell in love with this linen, denim looking shirt. Immediately started planing my outfit for STR.CRD

The Oak Street Style team setting up, check out their blog

more pics coming >>>>>>>>

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