It's like cotton candy

Finally an outfit post, my apologies to all the amazing followers - especially the ones who were forward enough to lay complaints, hehe :) A short and sweet explanation - lack of time, no camera, missing modem and just taking up too many things at once. That is going to change from now on.

These pictures are courtesy of my long time friend, Tsheola also known as Dice. Check out her blog bellybutton fluff.

Sheer top - Cotton On

Jeans - GUESS

Ankle boots - ALDO

Bag - ALDO

Collar necklace - Cotton On


  1. I love love it!!! Just a question, do you ever buy items at full retail size for fear that you may not have a size when sale season comes?

    1. thank you :)
      I do buy at full retail price but not because of fear of not finding sizes come sale season. You're bound to find that item that you just can't leave behind, that is a must have now!

  2. aaaah the boots are AMAZE. swooooooooons

  3. This is very chic doll! I love it